November 20, 2023 -

Common Wage Schemes Used in the Health Care Industry: Millions Stolen From Healthcare Workers Each Year

Employers in the healthcare industry are known for committing wage theft. The DOL has classified the healthcare industry as “low wage, high violation” and collectedRead More

November 17, 2023 -

LaVista Walk Apartment Fire Leaves Residents Displaced

The Lavsita Walk Apartment Fire in Atlanta has left hundreds of residents. According to published reports, the three alarm Atlanta apartment fire started on theRead More

November 8, 2023 -

Oil Field Wage Theft: Drilling Managers Misclassified as “Independent Contractors” are Entitled to Overtime

In the oil and gas industry, oil companies use contract “drill site managers” or “Drill safety managers” at drilling sites to manage drilling operations andRead More

November 6, 2023 -

FLSA Lawsuit Filed Against the “Tattle Tale” in Atlanta

Last month, a group of dancers filed a dancer lawsuit against the Tattle Tale in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the allegations of the complaint, althoughRead More

November 3, 2023 -

Tractor Trailers on the Highway Shoulder are an Unsafe Hazard

Tractor trailers stopped or parked on the side of the highway are a safety risk. Because of limited available rest areas, big rigs are usingRead More

October 27, 2023 -

Retaliation after Filing a Wage Case: Under the FLSA, Retaliation is Illegal

Employees are often discouraged from filing a tip theft lawsuit or unpaid overtime claims because of the fear of being fired if they do so.Read More

October 20, 2023 -

The “ABC” Test and Wage Theft: Uber and Lyft May be Underpaying Drivers

Some states, like California and Massachusetts have adopted the “ABC” test for determining whether a worker is an independent contractor or employee. In states usingRead More

October 18, 2023 -

Tesla Defects: Drivers Complaining of “Phantom Braking” at High Speeds

Tesla owners are complaining that their cars are slamming on the brakes at high speeds, causing crashes in many cases. According to published reports, TeslaRead More

October 15, 2023 -

Trucking “Hours of Service” Regulations: Driver Fatigue causes Hundreds of Truck Crashes Every Year

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in the United States enforces regulations governing the “Hours of Service” (HOS) for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators.Read More

October 13, 2023 -

Staff Nursing Wage Theft: Misclassified Nurses and Stolen Overtime

Recently, nurse medical staffing companies have come under fire for claiming the nurses they hire and place are “independent contractors” not entitled to overtime. NurseRead More

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