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Portland Uber and Lyft accident attorney

The hassle of getting from one destination to the next without having to drive yourself or call every taxi cab in town to compare rates is a thing of the past. The ease-of-use , affordability and convenience of these services could keep the companies afloat without even trying. The rides tend to be more personal and comfortable than the traditional taxi, which in turn, can cause people to forget that these are commercial vehicles for hire.

Rideshare services advertise themselves as a safer way to travel but the truth is that you are just as vulnerable to a car accident when riding as a passenger as you are when driving yourself. As rideshare services become more and more popular, a rider should know their rights as a passenger and be informed as to how to handle being involved in an accident involving a rideshare vehicle.

When an accident involves a rideshare vehicle, the complexities of filing a claim can be overwhelming to anyone who is not intimately familiar with insurance laws. For this very reason, it is incredibly important that the injured party speak with an attorney as soon as possible following an accident.

In the aftermath of an accident, emotions are high and the ability to think clearly can be compromised. Here are some tips on what to do after an accident:

  1. Immediately call 911, even if someone else tells you that they already have.
  2. Get on the rideshare app you are using and report the accident. (Keep a record of and screenshot all conversations with company)
  3. Photograph scene of accident (all vehicles involved, inside and outside of cars, environment, visible injuries, rideshare driver, etc.)
  4. Keep all clothing/possessions that you had on you at the time of the accident in a safe place—in the event that you may need these items for evidence.
  5. Seek medical attention– the sooner the better (and keep as detailed a record as possible.)
  6. Do not have a conversation or make a statement about the accident, especially to the company affiliated with the driver, before you speak with an attorney.


Lyft and Uber drivers are required to have personal insurance on their vehicles and may even have added “rideshare insurance” coverage. The company affiliated with the driver (i.e., Lyft or Uber) may also have commercial liability insurance coverage of $1 Million or more.

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