Construction Site Accidents

Construction Site Accidents

On a daily basis, construction workers face some of the most perilous employment conditions in the country.

Even though construction workers are trained and know basic safety measures, accidents can still happen. The risks taken every day during regular construction work make it almost impossible for job sites to remain accident-free.

Construction injury cases can involve accidents caused by defective or collapsing scaffolds; electrocutions, falls off of or through roofing; falls from ladders; defective machinery such as forklifts, tractors, conveyors, hoists, cranes; malfunctioning tools and other equipment; and the collapse of floors or walls.

OSHA has predicted that there will be over 1,000 construction workers killed this year and many others seriously injured in situations that could have been avoided.

When a construction accident happens, workers can become frustrated or confused by the legal system and options they may have. Some of these injured workers can no longer do their jobs, and the loss of income causes them to return to work before they have truly healed.

Returning to work while still injured can not only endanger the worker’s safety on the job, but that of others. All construction workers need to realize that getting hurt isn’t part of the construction business.

Jonah Flynn, a workplace injury attorney, has been involved in a host of construction site accident litigation and understands the details of large and small construction projects and the dangers present to those working in the construction industry. Prior to opening Flynn Law Firm, Jonah represented general contractors in construction litigation.

A employee may be able to take legal action against others with responsibility on a construction site including managers, general contractors, subcontractors, or equipment manufacturers. When a worksite accident happens, others can be held accountable for not providing proper safety measures to an employee.

In most construction projects, many different contractors are involved. If any contractor other than the direct employer has any accountability for the injuries sustained by a worker, full damages can be recovered. In the same sense, if a defective machine, tool or other device causes some sort of injury, a harmed worker can be fully compensated.

While almost any type of workplace can offer unexpected accident risks, it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that those risks are kept as minimal as possible.

Portland construction accidents and dangers can be prevented by implementing strict and enforceable safety practices. The general contractor and all subcontractors on a job site are required to provide a reasonably safe work environment and to warn employees of hazards there. They must hire responsible personnel to coordinate job safety, and to supervise compliance with legal rules and regulations.

If you have suffered injuries as the result of a construction accident, Jonah Flynn can help you understand your rights. Unlike most other personal injury attorneys, Jonah Flynn has actually represented general contractors and subcontractors in construction litigation, and understands the complexities and nuances of large and small projects. He will put this experience to work for you in your injury claim to make sure you get full compensation for your workplace accident case. Call for a free consultation.


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