Industrial Accidents

Industrial AccidentsIndustrial accidents, including boiler explosions, refinery explosions, electrical accidents, falls, scaffolding collapses, and exposure to asbestos, often cause catastrophic and permanent injury. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were a total of 5,488 workplace fatalities in the United States in 2007.

Industrial and workplace accident litigation is perhaps the most complicated, sophisticated area of personal injury law, and the injured worker needs an experienced workplace injury lawyer to navigate the legal and highly technical issues involved in workplace injury litigation. Often times, thousands of pages of documents, multiple parties, the need for electronic discovery, and large corporate defendants make industrial accident cases difficult for most Plaintiffs’ attorneys. The Flynn Law firm, however, is an experienced workplace injury firm, and will effectively handle your case and protect your rights.

Jonah Flynn is an explosion lawyer involved in some of the most complex industrial accident litigation in the country. For example, Jonah is currently representing burn injury victims hurt in the explosion of a black liquor boiler at the International Paper mill in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He also represents several victims of the Imperial Sugar explosion in Port Wentworth, Georgia. Through his representation of injured workers, Mr. Flynn has helped change industrial workplace safety practices and used the legal process to ensure industry provides a safe working environment.

Contrary to what most personal injury lawyers think, workers’ compensation does not usually bar workplace injury or refinery explosion lawsuits. Contractors working at an industrial facility, for example, can usually recover against the premises owner. Employees of the facility operator may be able to recover against other contractors on the property, inspection services, and product manufacturers. In some states, employees may sue their employer for gross negligence (which often exists in the workplace accident scenario). Third-party lawsuits almost always result in a significantly larger award than the award available in the workers’ compensation system.

Industrial disasters are, unfortunately, rarely accidental---they are generally caused by a string of reckless, negligent acts of the premises owner, contractor, or some other entity involved in the operations of the facility.

If you have been injured in a Louisiana refinery accident, scaffolding collapse, electrocution accident, or other workplace injury accident, there are several measures you can take. The first thing you should do is contact a workplace accident attorney immediately to help you in this often confusing and painful process, and to make sure important evidence related to your injury is preserved.

The cause of these accidents can include malfunctioning equipment, explosions, electrocution, falls and other factors.

If injured, you will also be able to file a workers' compensation claim with your employer, which will give you some financial help for lost income and medical bills.

People who have been injured in an industrial accident often find that they never return to the life capacity they once had. This can affect their physical and psychological health, as well as their financial future due to lost work.

If you have been injured and need a Texas explosion lawyer, Louisiana refinery lawyer, or if you have been injured in a workplace accident, boiler explosion, or any other kind of industrial incident, the Flynn Law Firm has the experience and resources to protect your rights. Contact us online or call 1-866-904-3143.

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